Florence Griffith Joyner

  • Florence Joyner was known as "Flo  Jo" and was born in Los Angeles, California on December 21,1959.Her parents  divorced when she was 4 and she had 10 other siblings.She started running when she was 7 chasing jackrabbits to increase her speed.She also won her first event at age 7.She set many high school long jump and sprint records.
  • At age 14 she won Jesse Owens National Youth Games.She was a straight A's in school but, in college she dropped out after the first year. Joyner was a smart hard-working and confident person.She married fellow athlete Al Joyer. She did a fantastic performance in 1988 Olympics in Canada.She was the first American to win five medals in a single Olympics.She was known as the "Worlds Fastest Woman"but soon she started to lose interest in track.September 21 she died from an unexpected seizure at age 38.

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