F1 Energy Recovering System (ERS)

Simon Vanden Bossche

With ERS a new chapter in the Formula 1 has arrived. The latest 5 years, F1-drivers could make use of the KERS-system (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). But now, after 5 years technicians created a new technology; ERS (Energy Recovery System). This system includes an update of the previous KERS-system but also includes a new way of creating electric energy thanks to heat created by the exhaust gasses of the Turbo-engine.

Now F1-drivers can use an extra 160bhp of boost for 33 seconds per lap instead of the previous 6.5 seconds.

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2 years ago

Due to many evolutions in the past years technologie has known a enormous progress in many different branches. Thanks to this evolution I think competition in F1 will be more spectacular and exciting. These new systems also bring always better results.