Inferences from "Hansel And Gretel"
Author: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
By:Gracyn Keel

1. Hansel and Gretels mother wanted to get rid of them because she wanted the food all to herself.

Inference: Hansel and Gretels mother is very stingy.

2.There father doesn't want to get rid of them but finally tell the mother he will.

Inference: The only reason he agreed with the mother was because he was really hungry and there wasn't a lot of food and they didn't have any money.

3. Hansel and Gretel hear there mother and father talking so he snook outside to go get pebbles.

Inference: He went to get the pebbles so he can drop them as they go along so they cna find there way back home.

4. They found there way back home and the mother was mad.

Inference: She was mad that they found there way back home because she didn't want them to eat her food.

5. They found a house made of gingerbread and started eating it and then a voice came from inside it was a witch.

Inference: The which is gonna try and eat them.

6. The witch locks Hanzel up and says she gonna eat him, she was standing by her big oven trying to get Gretel inside.

Inference: Gretel pushes the witch into the oven and gets Hansel out of the basement.

7. They found there way home and gave there dad a big hug.

Inference: The father was happy to see his kids again.

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