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Robert Walton is on a Journey to find the passage to the North Pole, he writes to his sister.

Robert Walton's boat

Along his journey  he is writing letters his sister, Margaret. He also finds a man out in the sea, Victor Frankenstein. The has a story to tell, and he decides he is going to tell Robert Walton.

Victor begins the story of telling him about his family.

Victor Frankenstein's family

He begins by telling how his parents met. Mr. Frankenstein loved Victor's mom, Caroline with everything he had. When they had Victor, he became the center of their whole world.  They bring  a little girl into their family, Elizabeth; who becomes special to Victor. They have a third child, William.

Victor's love of Science

Victor wanted to know everything about the world around us

Victor wanted to know how we got here, electricity, magic. He wanted the glory of curing diseases.

Victor Goes to College

University of Ingolstad

After the passing of his mother, he goes off the college. He meets professor M. Waldman who teaches chemistry; and teaches victor everything he wants to know. Victor then decides he wants to focus on Chemistry.

Victor's Creation

The Lab

Victor believes he can bring someone alive, and make an 8 foot man.  After months of trying, he succeeds and isn't happy with his results and abandons him.

Family Tragedy  

Victor reads the letter he recieves from his father

When Victor returns home in Geneva, he receives a letter from his father telling him the death of Victor's younger brother; William. Victor goes to where his brother was murdered and see's the monster he created and believes he is the one who killed him. But, instead Victor's Cousin Justine is put on trial for the murder due to evidence being found in her clothes. She confesses guilty, but the family truly believes she is innocent and she is sentenced to death. Victor feels guilty and considers suicide.  

The Monster He Created

Victor runs into the Monster

Victor runs into the monster on top of the mountain and he tells Victor the story of his life the past two years. The monster had been staying with a family, he learned emotions and he begins to think more now; he learns  language. When he goes to talk to the blind old man about staying there permanently, his family comes in and see's the monster and they kick him out because they are frightened by him ; the monster runs away. When he goes to talk to the old man that morning to reason with him, they are gone and he burns down the house.

The Monster's Request

The mountain they are talking on

The monster tells Victor he was the one who killed William because he thought is was Victor's son. He's the one who staged it to look like Justine killed him. He goes back to the murder scene and realizes he is miserable and alone, so he asks Victor to make him a companion.

Victor's Decision

Victor thinking

Victor refuses to make another one of the monster, he doesn't want to bring another evil thing into this world. The Monster tells victor if he doesn't give him love, he will cause fear towards him because he's his creator; but if he makes him a woman he will never see them again and he won't harm anyone. But, Victor is scared they will run off and ruin the world and do more harm. When Victor returns home to his family, he realizes how much he loves them; so he decides to make the monster a companion.

Begins his Creation.. Again

Victor's Lab

Victor settles down in Scotland and begins making the monster. He grows scared of what will happen if he makes another one, the closer he is to completing it; the scared he is. When he see's the monster outside his window, he can't go through with it; so he tears up the monster. The monster grows angry with him and tells him he will be with him on his wedding night.

Victor Heads Home

Victor's Home

On his way home, Victor ends up in a town. They found a dead body the night before he arrived and they think Victor done it. When the magistrate shows him the body, he realizes it is Henry Clerval; Victor's best friend. Victor grows ill and stays in cell, Victor's father comes to see him. Victor was found innocent in the court and they head home to Geneva.

Victor and Elizabeth Wed

Elizabeth and Victor are married

Victor and Elizabeth become married, they depart to a cottage. Victor tells Elizabeth of the monster, and decides he's going to kill him; but the monster kills Elizabeth. Victor realizes that the monster is going to kill everyone he loves. Victor returns home and his father dies of depression and old age. Victor goes to tell his story to a magistrate and he acts like he's crazy, and he says no one will help him.

Victor's Fate

victor's body

Victor settles into a room with Walton and his shipmates. When they go to see Victor he is found dead and they see the monster; he was just as ugly as Victor had described. The Monster goes off in the cold sea to die.

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