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by: Kelyse K. & Abby V.

Robert Plant- Singer
Jimmy Page- Guitar
John Bonham- Drums
John Paul Jones - Bass

Robert Plant is a British rock

singer and songwriter best known as the vocalist and lyricist for the band Led
Zeppelin. Robert Plant was inspired at a young age by Elvis Presley, Robert
left school to begin his musical career. He performed with a number of groups
before he was discovered by Jimmy Page, who was searching for singer for a new
band he was forming, called the New Yardbirds. The group ultimately became Led
Zeppelin. Robert launched his own solo career in 1982, reuniting with the band
for occasional benefits.Robert Anthony Plant was born on August 20th,
1948 in Bromwich, Staffordshire, England. Robert Plant became interested in
singing at a young age and got his inspiration from Elvis Presley,” the king of
rock”. In 1966, Robert left school to begin his musical career. He performed
with a number of groups around this time, showing his talent for running blues
music. With drummer John Bonham, Robert formedThe Band of Joy. He also recorded
a few R&B singles for CBS records on his own, but they failed to draw much
interest. In 1968, Robert was recruited by guitarist Jimmy Page for the New
Yardbirds, and he, in turn, recommended Bonham to Jimmy. The fourth member of
the group was bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones.

Jimmy Page was born January 9th,
1944, in Heston, England. In 1965, he was asked to join the Yardbirds. In 1968
he formed a new band and renamed it Led Zeppelin. The band toured the United
States and released their first album, Led Zeppelin I, in 1969. Led Zeppelin
soon developed a strong following. In addition to their recordings, Led
Zeppelin was one of the most successful live acts of the 1970’s.Jimmy was a musician,
songwriter, and producer. He was inspired by rock star Elvis Presley's
"Baby Let's Play House" to take up the guitar at the age of thirteen.
As a teenager, Jimmy joined his first band, Neil Christian & the Crusaders.
He toured with the group for a while, but he had to leave after suffering from
a glandular fever.

John Bonham was born May 31st,
1948 and died on September 25th, 1980.He was also known by his
nickname ‘Bonzo’. Bonham is celebrated as being one of the greatest rock
drummers of all time, remaining a constant source of inspiration to generations
of drummers since his work in the Rock band Led Zeppelin. His birth was an
eventful occasion with labor lasting 26 hours, after which, his heart stopped
beating. The doctor had left the ward, so the nurse on duty called for another
doctor who managed to revive him. The nurse later said it was “a miracle” that
the baby had survived. According to John's brother Michael, John was heavily
inspired when he watched the 1956 biopic film 'The Benny Goodman Story' which
starred Gene Krupa, the swing-era master, playing the drums. Michael recalled
that "John went to see the film with his dad" in the cinema and that
for John “Gene Krupa was god."

John Paul Jones was born on January
3, 1946 in Sidcup, Kent. Both of his parents were musicians, his dad was a
pianist and arranger for big bands, and his mother was a singer and a dancer.
He learned to play the piano at an early age. He soon began to take organ
lessons and played at his church. By age 14, he picked up the bass guitar. His
father wanted him to play the saxophone because, as John Paul explained
"He said...I'd never starve." He started a band in his boarding
school and he and his father performed as a duo during the holidays. He left
school at age 17 and auditioned for Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, who were
putting together a band. He got hired as their bass player and the band toured
with John Paul for about a year or so, playing music that bands like Blood,
Sweat and Tears and Chicago would play years later. John Paul started doing
sessions in about 1964, and for the next four years, recorded for just about
everyone from Lulu to The Rolling Stones. He released his own single in April
1964, entitled Baja. During a session for Donovan, he heard Jimmy Page, a
popular session guitarist, talking about starting a new group. His wife Mo
convinced him to call up Jimmy Page to take the bass guitarist position. Since
Jimmy's first two choices for new bass players were unavailable, he agreed to
have John Paul in this new group.

This is Led Zeppelin preforming Black Dog live

This is Led Zeppelin preforming Stairway to Heaven live

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that was all 13 of Led Zeppelins albums

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