WWI- No Mans Land

No Mans Land was the land in the middle of all the trenches. Men were forced to repair barbed wire, acquire information from enemies, and retrieve the wounded or dead. It was very dangerous because there were land mines and both sides would fire if they heard any loud noises. When both sides would meet in No Mans Land they would either run back to their trenches, or were forced to a hand to hand combat. If they shot their weapons both trenches would open fire.

The Western Front

The western front was a very dangerous battle ground. It's where most of the major war engagements took place. It all started with the battle of Marne.  The German troops had pushed through the eastern part of France and Belgium. The French and British troops both worked together to push them out. Germany realized they were losing ground, so they dug in and started making trenches. The British and French realized the Germans were digging trenches, so they made trenches. That is what started a brutal and dangerous trench warfare.

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