Great Lakes St.Lawrence Lowlands

Cottage Country

This land form region provides you with the best climate, vegetation, soil and natural landscape to build your own business. The location that I have chosen is Collingwood. It is an ideal location that will attract people to come out here and you might wonder why. Keep reading to find out!


Going on a Cottage Country trip is ideal however the weather may be. Let it be cold, hot, rain or shine you can still go.The climate here usually varies as the summers can get fairly hot and the winters can get fairly cold and so what this means is that, this area of the land offers people with all four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) which is a good thing because sometimes people like to rent it out in the winter to relax in the cozy warmth of the cottage or rent it out for a summer getaway.Whatever the reason may be, this business will open 365 days a year which will be favorable for the business.

Natural Landscape and Geology

The natural landscape in this region is absolutely spectacular due to fact that it has interesting land forms from plains and hills to beautiful green trees to crystal blue lakes and so these types of elements attract vacationers. This makes it beneficial to people and the business because the cottages will be situated around all these types of land form features, making it easily accessible for people which will increase our business. For example, in the hot humid summers that this region may provide there will be a fresh water lake not too far away for the vacationers to swim or even fish for dinner and if they want to maybe take in some fresh air, a couple kilometers inland will be a forest. The cottages will be required to be placed in a such a location so it does not make the public feel as if they have traveled very far to get where they want. The bedrock that is found is formed of sedimentary rocks. The sedimentary rocks have developed to form large cliffs for the public to go on and take look over the beauty of the areas such the fresh lake and even the parts of the cottages that will be located down below.

Soil and Vegetation

There is a variety of vegetation that does grow in this region of land and this is only due to the fact that the soil here is very fertile and there's an image down below to depict that. However if you want to take a look of the place for yourself, visit Georgian Bay in Collingwood, Ontario to view the spectacular vegetation at its best. Nevertheless the soil here is capable of producing vegetation and that is why this area is full of greenery. The forests here are filled with deciduous and coniferous trees which have perfectly adapted to this regions climate and this means that the people that wish to visit in the winter will still be able to take in the greenery of deciduous and coniferous trees that are able to survive. Having good vegetation and soil benefits the business because having great soil helps to grow great trees as trees will be increasing the productivity in the long run such it makes the area around the cottages look more appealing to the eye, help create privacy between the cottages, increases the value of renting the cottage and help prevent soil erosion which hold the soil into place and that is something we would want to avoid as we have the most fertile soil in Eastern Canada.

This picture above is a map that shows the different land form regions in Canada. As you can see the our region, The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands are highlighted in dark purple all from Windsor to the city of Quebec. This is here to show you exactly where our business will be located.

Human Activities

You will not regret on having a business of cottages here because there are many resources available nearby to help make this business even better. In this region of land there is an excellent industry of forestry and it is very ideal as the trees here have adapted to this regions climate of harsh winters and summers. The trees will not die and they will continue to grow all year long, this is a good thing as that industry won't disrupt our business. This is beneficial as we need the wood for a couple of reasons, we'll need a continuous supply for building parts for the cottage and for people to make bonfires.

Another great resource that is easily accessible is water.  We will have access to fresh water 365 days a year as the location is great. This means that since the business is situated right near the lake it will cost less to transport fresh right to us. As water is basically a necessity it'll be used for almost everything in everyone's day to day life. The fact that this resource is almost readily available it will make this business prosper.  

To make this business thrive even more, there is also great agriculture nearby. In the summertime, this industry has great farming as the soil here is rich and very fertile. Food such as peaches, cherries, apples, grapes, beans, corn, carrots are just an example of the few products that are grown here. What makes this even better is that all of these items are locally grown here which means it will take a shorter amount of time to transport the food to our location and so that means we don't have to worry about food turning bad. This will bring in more profit as we are able to provide our customers with the locally grown food which are usually known to taste better.

Influence of Climate Change

Believe or not, climate change will impact this region and it may be for the better. In this part of the region the weather will be warmer and although this may seem as a negative, it could help our business. The fact that the temperature is getting hotter people may want to get out of their homes and go near the water which is perfect as the cottages will be placed right near the water. Usually it's cooler near the water as the water is still pretty cool from the winter and it takes the water more time to heat up than land. So this is where people will try to spend most of their time either swimming, playing in the sand, or playing beach volleyball. So after a long day, people will become exhausted and won't want to waste time driving back home and so they'll take the opportunity to stay and relax at our substantial cottages, increasing our profits. Therefore, there is a positive aspect if they climate were to change.

Natural Disasters

This region of the land that may be prone to a natural disaster are bad snow storms and that is because of the proximity of the great lakes. These winter storms form when an air mass of cold dry air moves south and interacts with warm moist air so basically two air masses of different temperature collide. Winter storms not only produce heavy snowfalls, they can  produce strong winds and bitter cold temperatures.The risks that this may present is power outages, frostbite if you are out in the cold for too long and even hypothermia. These winter storms have such a big impact that they are capable of even affecting one's ability to travel.  

This video shows Chief Meteorologist, Scott Dorval who goes in depth explaining how the snow forms and how much of it needs to happen to become a winter storm.


Considering all these points, this region is still the ideal place to start up a business of Cottage Country. Even though there are a few disadvantages such the natural disasters, this region still has many plus sides to it such as the human activities nearby, the climate, the natural landscape and the soil and vegetation. Therefore, take this offer and this business will surely prosper in the near future.

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