The Holodomor Genocide

Have you ever heard of the Ukraine Genocide? The genocide that no one believed was happening. People still don't believe it happened. The Soviet Union turned Ukraine into a slave state and robbed them of their main source of income, their crops.

These are some of the victims who forced into starvation.

The Ukraine Genocide occurred because the Soviet Union specifically the leader Joseph Stalin did not trust the peasants. The reason for this was, they believed in the ideals of the revolutionary ideals of the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks believed in communism, which is where everyone is equal. As well the communist regime sought to eliminate any threat from the Ukraine nationalist, who they feared a rebellion. The Soviet Union, needed the money from the crops to buy machines for their factories. And the reason they used Ukraine was because since they are such a large country and have a strong military power, it was less expensive for them.

This is the leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin.

There were millions of deaths all throughout Ukraine. 7 million men, women, and children died from starvation and executions. The Russian soldiers were at every farm, and if they saw a Ukraine citizen caught taking any amount of crop they would be killed on the spot, it did not matter your age.

This is the result of starvation. They are so skinny that their entire Ribcage and other bones are visible.

During the genocide times were tough. No Ukraine citizen could leave Ukraine and if they were caught trying to they would be killed. If any Ukraine citizen tried to steal food from the farms so that they could eat, they would be killed on the spot. They feared their own "neighbors" because of the thought that they will snitch on them to protect themselves. Towards the end of the genocide the peasants of Ukraine just gave into the forced collection of their crops because they had little to no choice. After a couple of years the Soviet Union became less forceful. Peasants began to use their allowed private plots to grow enough food to feed themselves and their families. During this time productivity went up in Ukraine. .After the genocide ended in 1933, in 1941 Nazi Germany invaded Ukraine, so that they could as well get a piece/profit of off the breadbasket of Europe. This was a huge problem because this was during World War 2, and since they took control of Ukraine. They were getting more money to fuel their fight. And while the Ukrainians thought this would be better for them little did they realize that they traded one tyranny for another.

This picture shows the Nazi party invading Ukraine in 1941.

In the end millions of old and young people died because of the selfishness of another country. The Ukraine genocide was the outcome of the Soviet Union trying to become a powerful country and to mass produce. It's hard to imagine they did all this for machines.

These are some of the survivors after the genocide slowed to a stop.


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