Song lyrics

A matter of finding an expression for very personal ideas and themes

Pierce the veil- Caraphernelia

Vic Fuentes wrote this song about his ex that left him with all her personal objects and made it harder for him to forget about her. With her leaving her belongings behind made him think why they even broke up in the first place.When he wrote the bridge to the song he knew he wanted his best friend from the band A Day To Remember Jeremy McKinnon to sing it. The music video basically shows the band Pierce The Veil, it shows them talking on the phone with their girlfriends while they are away on tour and the guys spend to much time talking to the girls and then they get in a big argument and break up, while singing the bridge of the song,  Jerermy is is on a payphone and him and his girl get in an argument and he yells at her and they get mad at each other then slams the phone up. Thr lyrics are powerful and there is screaming in the song but if you listen closely then you would understand.

How long does it take?

It depends on how long and how serious you want the song to be. If you want a funny song or just a jingle it would probably take 30 minutes or maybe less. If you are writing a serious song or a song that holds all your emotions and stuff then you might want to take a few hours or if your mind is blank then it may take a few days. Taylor Swift, it takes her 30 minutes or so to write a song and we all know how her songs hold revenge and emotions but yet they are so serious during the amount of time she wrote it. Adele to wrote her song "Someone like you" two days and that song has been a hit. It doesnt really matter how long it takes for you to write a song because it can still be a great song.

How are songs written?

Some or most songs are written to where they have an intro which usually lasts for the first couple seconds of a song. After the intro is done they should have a verse 1 which is the actual start of the song. The catchy part to a song is called the bridge or chorus, it catches people eye and it gets stuck in people heads easily. They often have a verse 2 following after the bridge or the first verse. Another most important thing to writing a song is the tune, you want a tune to get stuck in people minds. A tune itself can go big and viral in the Dubstep genre of music. Basically songs are written by adding an intro and a few verses and that catchy bridge and the tune, its like ingredients.

Yelawolf- Daddy's Lambo

Yelawolf is a american rapper that signed onto Shadyrecords, This song is one of the reasons why he is such a successful rapper. Rather he wrote the song or not it is still good, it may not make any sense to some people. The song is meant to be a fun song while he's rapping about riding in a girls dad's lamborghini. Don't take it the wrong way, he just wants to ride in the lamborghini because the dad is rich and her want to ride in the car.

What is the thought process?

The mind is the reason for why you don't have any ideas or anything when you write. There are 4 things you have to do to hack into your mind and make it more creative.

1.Bypass your mind- let your mind think about writing, block out everything and let the song or lyrics be the main thing.

2. Trick your mind- if you have to do homework but you really want to write a song, tell your mind that you will do your homework later if it lets you write a song first. Trick that salamander.

3. Lower you minds expectation-your mind expects you to write a song and BA BAM it automatically makes the billboards and is blasting all over the internet, tell your mind to wait it out, lower its expectations

4. Recalibrate your mind- if you post a new picture on Instagram and you expect it to get a lot of likes or something and when it doesnt and its been 10 minutes, your mind automatically says delete the picture. Don't delete it just because it didn't get a lot of likes, you have to give it time. Same thing with a song, you dont see a band no one has heard about making a new song and expecting it to get a million views or something, it takes time, so recalibrate your mind.

These thought process are what it takes to make lyrics. For some people it is easy for others it may be different, it depends.

Eminem writing song lyrics

In this picture you can see Eminem writing some song lyrics for his upcoming album or just jotting things down, which is known as freestyling like he did with his hit single Rap god. He's very serious about writing his lyrics. Sometimes his songs can be funny like Without Me, Just lose it, Hi My Name is, My Band, We made you, The real slim shady even more. Just because i said the names of some of his songs doesn't mean i recommend you to listen to them, they have explicit lyrics in most of them so don't go look him up and say i told you to.

Let Me Go-Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroger

These are the lyrics to Avril's song Let Me Go, it shows you how she separated the first verse from the pre verse before the chorus. It also shows the second verse being separated from the bridge. If you are writing songs then you it should sorta look like this, Some times it may not turn out like this but at least have everything spaced out cause if you don't then you will probably get confused. This song is about letting someone go and them letting you go. Avril and Chad was just friends but when she wrote the breakup song it brought them closer together.

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