I Aspire To Be Live Life
I aspire to Live life
I want to be a good Wife
Things may get tough
But- sometimes it won't be enough
Life will be great sometimes
However, there will be hard times
Just smile and move on
Because you won't know what you will come upon :)
Don't ever give up
Or, life will give you crap in a cup!
It's okay to let your tears fall down
Because I don't want you to always frown.
Do whatever makes you happy
Because I don't want you to feel as if you are crappy.

     My name is Skye Lee! I am currently 15, and my birthday is on March 25. I love to play guitar and drums! I can listen to any music, except for Opera and Metal. However, sometimes Metal music has really good beats ^~^ I want to be able to be a role model to little kids. I love little kids, and I hope that they also love me too! :) I am very shy at first, but if you get to know me, then... You basically created a monster. Hehe ^~^ I can skate on a ripstick, but I can't skate on a skateboard. I am 4'11, but that is kind of considered to be a "Tall" Asian. My shoe size is a four, and I can fit a size three. :) One day, I would like to go to the beach for two weeks for a vacation. I used to do ballet, tap, and Jazz when I was in kindergarten. I took hip-hop classes in third grade, and I took break dancing class for six weeks last year. When I was in the seventh grade, I had to cook dinner for the family, since I was always the first one to be home. One more fact... I love Dogs!! My favorite type of dogs are German Shepherds!

We took this photo in the Summer of 2012. This is my whole family only from my Mom's side :) I am very happy that I have these crazy and weird people who I can call family. :)

My Family and I :) I just want to live my life with my family, and happy that I am able to be with them!

This video, my Aunt made this two years ago when our cousin was going to South Korea. In the video, are photos of me, Raine, my cousin, and my older sister. We were very close with eachother, and still are. Our cousin came back from South Korea a year ago :) This creates very good memories for me, and I know that I will never forget it :)

This was when we did Raine's birthday on January 3rd, 2015. The object of the game was to tear off the name tag off of each other. Me and Raine were the only one's left, and apparently, this Asian won! :)

My Definition of Living Life.

          Sure, you get to be a teenager once in your lifetime. They say to make stupid mistakes, forget life, and forget education since you have "swag". Well- not me. The way I want to live life is to be happy, be who I am, and let go of all the problems that I've had in my life. I want to be with my family and friends. I want to move on and think about who I will be in the future. I want to be the person who won't regret things in my life. I want to be that person who will be happy with what I've done in the past.I want to be that person who takes silly photos, and just laugh it off with my friends. In the future, I do want to be married, and I do want kids. I want a family. I want a good paying job that will help support my family. Also, I want to make sure that my kids won't go through things like what I've been through in my life. Most of the time, I am mostly positive on the outlook of things. I don't hold in anger because there really is no point in holding it in. I just want to look at the positive outlook of life at the very moment, and be happy with what I have.

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