My Rockin' Summer

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3 years ago

This Summer I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Utah. It was very exciting! I have been out west before on a hunting trip but I had never flew before so that was quite the experience. Not to mention the awesome time we had in Utah. We arrived in Salt Lake City but then had about an hour drive to where we were staying. The group was split up between different houses to sleep for the night, the next morning was Sunday so we had church and everything that day but that afternoon we canvased the area. Giving flyers for the VBS and talking to complete strangers about the subject. I was even able to utilize my Spanish because there were sections of town that the adults did not speak English. The next day we split into two subgroups, one the VBS group and the other the camp group. I was with the camp group. We had to travel 2+ hours to get to the summer camp area. Once there we did not waste time. We stacked loads of hay, we cleaned cabins, etc... One of the guys that came with us owns a lawn mower repair shop and its a good thing he was able to come with us because we had ton's of trouble with the mowers and trimmers. Anyway we did everything from cleaning rooms to fixing humidifiers, but the job that I was working on for the week was putting up a new porch. Their porch for the guest speaker building was falling apart so it was my job to take down the old and put up a new one. It was easier than it sounds because I was able to salvage the railings. Anyway it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of work to do but it was worth it. This was my Rocking Summer.