The Lone Star State


Texas was named by Caddo 500 years ago. Texas means “friends” or “alley”. It is known to be the Lone Star State, in which symbolizes the flag which has one star. Was ruled by the Spanish from 1519 to 1821. It has been claimed before by Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate of America, and the United States. It became part of the United States as the 28th state as it is now in 1845. It is till now the second biggest state in the United States. ( "Texas.", Kennamer) It was a slave owning state and one of the 11 states of the Confederacy. ("Texas.", Encyclopedia) There was homes of dried clay called adobe made by the Coahuiltecan. Languages and lifestyles vary from Native Americans who once live in Texas. It left the United states in 1861 and rejoins in 1870. George W.Bush who was the Texas governor is elected as the United States president in 2000 and re-elected in 2004.(“Texas”, Culturegrams)


Texas’s capital is Austin, it’s abbreviation is TX. Texas’s governor is Rick Perry, who is a republican.(“Texas”, Culturegrams) The governor is also the chief executive officer. He is guided by an unusual constitution which is made up of 500 amendments. (“Texas”, Ryan) Two U.S senators which are John Cornyn, who is a Republican, and Ted Cruz, who is also a republican. 36 U.S Representatives 24 republicans and 12 democrats. Made of 21 state senators, and 150 state representatives. Texas is the state with more counties than any other, with 254.(“Texas”, Culturegrams)


Texas was hit by Hurricane Ike in 2008 in which left major damages in Galveston and Houston. By 2011 much of the state went through the longest drought in history. Which ended up in many wildfires. The end of the space shuttle program ended up in several losses of jobs in 2011. A great explosion at a fertilizer plant in which caused great destruction in the west of Texas. (“Texas”, Ryan)


Texas today is home to more than 25 million people.Most of earlier Texans came from mexico or other states. Many African slaves and immigrants arrived to Texas in the 1800’s. Most of the largest immigrant groups are from Latin America and Asia. (“Texas”, Culturegrams) Settlers from the southeaster joined Texas and brought with them their home lifestyles in which introduced blacks there. African Americans now make 12 percent of the population in Texas, whites make 80 percent and asians 4%. 38% of people in Texas consider themselves Hispanic origin. (“Texas”, Ryan)



  • King Ranch in the South of Texas is bigger than Rhode Island.
  • There are 15 types of rattle snakes
  • Only one natural lake located in Texas
    ("Texas." CultureGrams)
  • State Bird - Mockingbird
  • State MottoFriendship—Texas comes from the Caddo Indian word Tejas, meaning “friendly.”
  • Texans love football
  • Tejano music is very famous here

Livestock Show and Rodeo

Livestock Show and Rodeo, is an annual rodeo held in Houston Texas. In which hold a variety of famous people having a concert. A show for kids, petting place, a carnival with many rides. It has great and delicious food and many animals.

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