Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

N. Aranyosi

The First Telephone (March 10, 1876)

Alexander Graham Bell
Inventor of the Telephone

The first telephone was a huge invention. It changed the way of everything. It helped a lot of businesses.  You could talk to your family easily without having to send letters and wander if they got it. Just an invention to make things easier for us.


Christopher Latham Sholes
Inventor of typewriter

This invention allowed an easy way of writing and faster. The typewriter helps us today because without this invention there would be no keyboards for a computer meaning no computers. This invention also helped with being able to read things because people could have bad handwriting and now they can read it more efficiently.

Light Bulb 1879

The Lightbulb is very important. If lightbulbs were never invented then we would still be using candles to see and everything would be harder. Lightbulbs are almost everywhere in the world to provide light for everybody.

Phonograph 1877

Inventor of Phonograph
Thomas Alva Edison

The phonograph is important because it was the start of radios. This allowed you to listen to your favorite singer. It also allowed people to save their favorite song or artist.

Automobile (Gasoline Powered)1893

Inventors of Automobile
Frank and Charles Duryea

The automobile has a huge impact on the way we live today. This invention made travel very easy compared to walking or horseback. Without this invention we wouldn't have nearly as many roads and highways. We also would't have insane popular cars.

Seismograph 1880

John Milne
Inventor of Seismograph

The seismograph was invented to determine ground movement. This is to help so we now when a earthquake is about to happen. They are also used to see how big an earthquake is.

Periodic Table of Elements 1865

Dmitri Mendeleev
Inventor of Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements is used in most high school science classes. It is used to tell an elements atomic number of protons and electrons. It is also used to figure out an elements no such gold as which is Au of the Periodic Table.

The Battery 1870

Alessandro Volta
Inventor of the Battery

The Battery is used so much now a days. Without batteries how would we watch t.v. or play video games. There are so many uses for the battery from small toys to headphones to remotes.

The First hand held Camera 1888

George Eastman
Inventor of the Camera

The camera is used for so many things today. Without cameras we wouldn't be able to keep memories forever. No cool sports pictures would be taken or cool pictures in general. We wouldn't be able to see things in other countries without going there.

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