Logo Crit.

1. This is a good logo because its the Batman symbol and everyone likes Batman.

2. To me personally I like this logo because i like this drink and also the way the three scratches stand out and the lettering.

3.  I love this logo cause most of my clothes i skate with are by "enjoi" and cause it has a panda.

4. This is one of my favorite bands I love how the lettering is how its all splattered on there its so interesting.

5. I just love this picture so much cause its my favorite energy drink, the image f the bulls leaping at each other, and its just outstanding.

Those were my 5 logos that I thought were good logos now here are 5 more logos that I think are bad.

1. I dislike this logo cause i don't understand it at all it bothers me.

2. Why just why it makes no sense at all.

3. This is a retarded logo it disturbs my mind.

4. I don't like it there's nothing else to say.

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