This is my definition of love in other words its my opinion. If you disagree with me I wont care I just like to share on what I believe.

Love is the oldest word in the dictionary since humans were put on this earth. Love was the first feeling they felt. Love is for family, friends and your spouse. Love is all the feelings we feel daily, its anger, sadness, happiness, envy,strength, trust, belief and hope. That's why love is so powerful it can be in many shapes and forms,its also very manipulative.

When people ask me what is love? I know immediately they have never loved someone before as in for a spouse. I say Love is accepting the other's flaws and imperfections and your committed to one another no matter what. You always have to be on each others side even if you think your spouse is wrong.

The feeling of love is so intense its as if love was a special super power. Love is different for everybody but the feelings are very repeatable, what's different is the first time you fell in love with them or " i knew he/she was the one when..." they first held hands, laid eyes on each other,first kiss and/or they have a lot in common. Love takes all your worries and cares into the love of your life so all you can think about is him/her when you wake up and before you go to sleep. You will constantly think about your spouse literally 24/7 even if you think you weren't your subconscious mind always will. Love brings the best in you and the worst in you.

You never judge love or shouldn't because if you do your judging your family,friends,even your spouse. Love makes you do everything you got to keep the love of your life stay in your life forever it can be exhausting but its worth it. some may say its not but then you obviously didn't find your soul mate. ( harsh but that's what I believe)"

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