The St.Lawrence Lowlands is one of the best places in Canada to live in. The region's aesthetic is mind blowing. It most definitely is the greatest area to visit if you are coming to visit Canada.


Physical Features

Rock types:

  • lowlands have bedrock formed of sedimentary rock from the Paleozoic era.
  • the Paleozoic bedrock is mostly noticed in escarpments such as the niagara falls escarpment
  • the oldest rocks are the lowest such as sandstone and dolomite, and the youngest rocks at the top are limestone and shale.
  • on the Monteregian Hills, igneous dikes and sills radiate due to erosion that occurred long ago.


  • Underlain by clay
  • It is as thick as 60 meters along along the north side of a former glacier
  • The west and south parts of the St.Lawrence Lowlands is underlain by till
  • beach deposits are common on hills because waves removed the silt and gravel


  • In summer the temperature rises to above 20 degrees Celsius
  • In winter the temperature ranges from 0 degrees to -10 degrees Celsius
  • There is 600 mm to 1000 mm of precipitation yearly
  • It is a continental climate due to the factors above


  • the St.Lawrence Lowlands contains flat plains, rolling hills and drumlin fields
  • it is surrounded by Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Lake Eerie
  • wetlands and marshes are also found in this region


Human Activities

In Ottowa, one of the most renowned attraction is the Parliament building, the center of government. There are also many boutiques, theaters, museums, galleries, landmarks and memorials. In the Winter, the Riddeau Cannal freezes, making it a very nice place to skate in. Ottowa holds many interesting events all year round.

Quebec City is known for its Winter Carnival which includes a winter themed amusement park which includes skiing, snow rafting, ice sculptures, snow sled slides and outdoor shows. An ice hotel is built every year for this event.

The Winter Carnival in Quebec City


Influence of Climate Change

It is quite warm in the summer, and this region is a continental climate which could result in convectional precipitation. This could be a negative impact for when tourists come to visit this region and want to explore, but end up getting rain with no warning. In the Winter, weather is exceptionally cold, which is beneficial for the Winter Carnival that occurs in Quebec City. This area will most likely be better to visit during the Winter due to the possible occurrences that will happen in Summer.

Risk of Natural Disasters


The St. Lawrence Area is very prone to earthquakes, and they may happen without warning. This is due to convergent plate boundaries that move on top of one another, causing earthquakes. Quebec's Boreal forest zone is most at risk of forest fires, which can cause a huge amount of damage, and can endanger lives. This will also most likely occur in the summer due to the hot climate.


The St.Lawrence Lowlands is a great place to visit due to the variety of tourist attractions it has which makes it enjoyable for anyone that comes to visit. I recommend this area myself, as I live here and know how amazing this area is.

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