by Paige Wallat

People trust leaders who are enthusiastic and know a lot about their job.

Enthusiastic leaders can gain the trust of their team and the team will want to be more like this positive role model.

Apollos Hester is showing enthusiasm because he is excited about the game and was inspiring others on the team to try their hardest for the win. His inspiration can teach others to never give up.

Coaches are examples of enthusiastic leaders.

They inspire their teams to do what they want and help them win the game.

Preachers are enthusiastic leaders.

They inspire others to believe in what they believe through their enthusiasm in their sermons.

There enthusiasm in their faith helps other people become enthusiastic about their faith too.

Teachers can be enthusiastic about their jobs.

These enthusiastic teachers can inspire students to want to learn more and try harder.

Cheerleaders are enthusiastic leaders.

There cheers can inspire a crowd to cheer for a sports team. This support can help the team gain momentum and play better.