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TO Be Number 1 you gotta start from the bottom

While the pro's are out there battling for the championship, you gotta start young if your gonna be like them. On the picture above Carter Kerens is fightin through the mud to get to the finish.


While racing there is no way that you can go a lifetime of racing and not experience one wreck. On the picture above and XC1 rider tried to turn a little sharper than he could. Number 3 of Adam McGill is swinging it wide to miss the wrecked rider.

Youth Champion!

Like I said you gotta start young if your gonna be a pro. The picture above is Zack Jones clinching his first overall champion #1 plate.

Welcome To The Big Boys!

Finally your ready to step it up and race in the afternoon with the pro XC1 racers. There they are on the front line standing up for the national anthem. The XC1 front line consists of Chris Borich #1, Adam McGill #2, Taylor Kiser #3, Chris Bithell #4, Walker Fowler #5 and others. When you race with them, your running with the fastest men on the planet with four-wheelers.

Finally won my class!

Finally you won your first class season. It took a lot of hard work and it paid off. In the picture above,Tracci Cecco grabs a #1 in his class for women's class.

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