The Prompt was to use two skills we learned in the past few weeks to create one big project for the DHFTC Showcase.

  • My project is a my Remixed Scratch Game, with oranges as the game controller.
  • I planned out what two skills I knew how to work best and how I wanted to use them in my project.
  • We were instructed to create a project for the Showcase demonstrating our knowledge of two skills we learned in the class.


  • My process was to use a Makey Makey board connected to the Scratch Game so that I did not have to use the arrow keys to play the game. The board must be grounded to Earth so that it can be used in various ways. Since the goal in the game is to collect as many oranges as possible, I decided it would be fun to have oranges as the controller.
  • I did not have any problems.
  • I asked an instructor for help on fixing the Scratch Game.


  • Next, I would like to try and create my own game on Scratch.
  • I liked the feeling of being able to add my own ideas to someone else's game.
  • I would not make any changes to the project.