Try Not to Use Chemical Pesticides to Control Termites

Termites, also called “silent destroyer”, are a kind of insect which consisting of 2,500 species and of which 300 are considered as pests. Termites are one of the most damaging pests in the tropics and can cause considerable problems in agriculture, forestry and housing.

There are a few families and sub-families. Some build nests underground, others in wood, such as hollow trees and some build mounds.

Before thinking about the termites control, a basic identification of the species or family is needed. This can be done by observing pest behavior and the damage pattern they left on the tree or crop.

The most damaging type of termites in agriculture is the fungus-growing termites. They feed on dead organic material such as crop residues, mulches and soil organic matter. But when this type of food is not available, they will eat live plant including crops such as groundnuts, millets and maize.

Harvester termites are found in dry and semi-desert areas. They build underground nests which can be difficult to find. They feed on live green plant and cause damage to living grasses, crops and seedlings. They will attack weak plants that are wilting or damaged.

Chemical Control
Maybe you will surprise that the termite is the single pest that causes the most damage in Singapore. But it is really true. And generally, we often used chemical pesticides as the method of termites control over the years. However, chemicals are expensive and have many harmful effects

Safety for people.
Artificial pesticides can quickly find their way into food chains and water courses and that will be dangerous for human health. There is also much concern for people using chemical pesticides. The products may be misused because the instructions are not written in the language understood by the person using them. This has led to many accidents and deaths

Safety for the environment
There are a number of harmful effects that chemical pesticides may bring to our environment.
1. Artificial pesticide can kill beneficial insects. Just one spray can upset the balance between pests and the beneficial insects which eat them.
2. Artificial chemicals can stay in the environment and the bodies of animals which will cause problems for many years
3. Pests will become resistant to pesticide, then more powerful chemicals are needed.

Using natural pest and disease control as methods of termites control is often cheaper than applying chemical pesticides because the products and materials are already in the home and around the farm.