Dear Diary,

By Mary Ann

I have been in the village that is my real home for a short time, since there was news from the Union. I met up with Lucy, and this was the conversation we recorded.

Mary Ann and Lucy (Louis) are talking in a village, Mary Ann is visiting the camp with new information on the union.

Mary Ann: Luc-Louis! I’m so hunkey dorey that you could see me while I’m here.

Lucy: Umm, Mary Ann, that’s not how you use “Hunkey Dorey;” if you are going to make people believe this, you have to be a more convincing, normal person.

Mary-Ann: I know, I know. I’ve been through the mill since the last time I saw you, my possum. Oh gosh, this slang is so strange.

Lucy: Well, no matter- why are you here? Is there more news?

Mary-Ann: Yes, my days in Illinois have served me well. There is news of an attack, but I really must, uh, skiddattle.

Lucy: Alright. Make sure you write me!

Mary-Ann: I can predict that I will.