Kevin's Much Ado Retelling


    I have seen how Claudio loves for Hero and Don Pedro helped him get close to her. Don John set up a scheme then and there. They were speaking of setting Hero up and making Claudio publicly humiliate and ruin her. As Claudio, Don Pedro, and Leonato were talking in the garden I and Benedick overheard them speaking of Beatrice's love for him. The same was done for Beatrice and they were tricked into liking each other. We finally captured Borachio and Conrad and took them for an examination. During this time I thought they had not done anything and they admitted to it. After they admitted the Sexton left, I was called an ASS. How could this be, I am an ass! Write down I am an ass. After this we all walked to Hero's tomb for Claudio to apologize. They then forgave each other and we all went to Beatrice and Benedick's wedding as they spent forever together.

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