My Life Profile

By: Larissa Oachs & Kylie Wakefield

Life Profile

We are partners with zero kids. Larissa is a Laborer. Kylie is a Physician Assistant. Larissa drives a total of 20 miles to and from work, while Kylie drives a total of 50 miles to and from work.


- Gross annual income: $118,000.00

- Taxes: $1,929

- Net monthly income: $8,774

- Budget min. and max.:

Established Expenses

Health and life insurance: $30.00 a month.

Medical and Dental Expenses: $60.00 a month.

Planning your Future

Savings: $438.70 to the Wells Fargo Bank

Charitable Giving: $87.74

Chance Cards

Lucky Card: We received $75.00, for finding an Indian Head cent and taking it to a dealer.

Unlucky Card: We lost $100.00 because we had to replace a tire.

Investment Portfolios


Day 1 Values: $10,323.70

Day 5 Values: $15,858.60

Home Improvement

Items and prices:

- Entertainment Center- $399.00

-Flat Screen TV- $378.00

- Living room/Dining room paint- 3 gallons =$67.41

Monthly loan amounts: $844.41


We live in a cozy little house in Mankato, MN. It is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,947 Sq Ft. home. It's found at 228 Parkway Pl, built in 2006, this lovely home will be a great place for us to live!

Our mortgage: $1,316.87


-Electricity: $200.00 a month

-Sewer/Water: $50.00 a month

- Telephone: $70.00 a month


Kylie drives a 2013 Ford Edge.

Larissa drives a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu 1LT

Our monthly payment is $794.16 over 60 months including insurance, registration and tax.

Maintenance: $180.00 per month.

Food, Household, and Personal Hygiene

Our weekly menu

Monday: Breakfast- Bacon, eggs and orange juice. Lunch- Sandwiches, chips and water. Dinner- Hamburgers and pop. Snack- Salsa, chips and water

Tuesday: Breakfast- Cereal and milk. Lunch- Salad and water. Dinner- Steak, potatoes and milk. Snack- Granola Bars and water

Wednesday: Breakfast- Fruit, yogurt and water. Lunch- went out to eat. Dinner- pork chops and mountain dew. Snack- Cookies and milk

Thursday: Breakfast- Toast, sausage and milk. Lunch- went out to eat. Dinner- Alfredo and water. Snack- Fruit cups

Friday: Breakfast- Bagel, cream cheese and water. Lunch- roman noodles and mountain dew. Dinner- Went out to eat. Snack- Crackers and cheese and water

Saturday: Breakfast- Hash browns, bacon and milk. Lunch- Chicken sandwich and mountain dew. Dinner- Pizza and water. Snack- Ice cream

Sunday: Breakfast- Pancakes/ waffles and orange juice. Lunch- Tacos and water. Dinner- Roast beef and milk. Snack- fruit snacks and pepsi

Clothing and Assesories

Purse- $39.99

2 pairs of earrings- $27.60 x 2= $55.20

Dress- $39.95

2 pairs of coats- $60.00 x 2= $120.00

Entertainment and Recreation

St. Clair Football Game- $6.00 x 2= $12.00

Movie- $7.50 x 2= $15.00

Bowling at Wow Zone- $9.00 x 2= $18.00

Milwaukee Museum- $21.00 x 2= $42.00

Cable and Dining Out

Cable T.V is $84 a month.

Dining out is $27.60 a month.

Pie Chart Graph

The End! :-)