I'm Turning Out for Broken Promises and Shattered Dreams

I'm not here to lecture you on life. It's your life, live it as you choose. What I'm here to do is share some knowledge and fact I've lived through.

Currently we have four generations living all at once for the first time in all of our lives, and no one truly trusts the other.

The trust level is so broken, how does one repair something so damaged? We repair it by never giving up nor never stop trusting in others or ourselves. All will truly be lost should we do.

I grow up and my adolescent years were spent in a system that had predicted my future, and it didn't look good. So I changed it.

I spent a large portion of my professional life as an executive in an industry I loved and still do. Watching and participating in some of the most egregious acts of worker abuse because it was policy, practice and procedure.

I didn't leave my profession, my profession left me. My profession wanted me and other currently who still are to compromise my values, moral, undermine what was incorrect for a pay check.

Did I stop trusting, no I just found another reasons to do what I do now. To sharing my personal; professional knowledge and experience with the working poor and middle class. To giving back what I was given by a very special family.







The list goes on and on. They taught me values and morals; not too compromise them.

The minimum worker has every right to be up in arms. Can an employer pay more, hell yes they can.

The working poor and middle class has every right to be up in arms. Have politicians failed us, hell yes they have.

We as a trusting people must listen to the issues, pay attention and do because we understand what's right, not because someone's telling us too.

I can't go back in time to make things right; I can certainly give back what I've been given to make things less wrong.

Don't trust me; trust my actions, because I will only trust yours.

We have an election on the 4th of November in the USA, and all that can must get out and vote.

If you are not a citizen, and you know American citizens remind them about the midterm elections and tell them you vote in your country. Remind them why you vote in your country and the importance of voting.

Your vote matters!

The female vote matters!

The black vote maters!

The youth vote matters!

The Latino vote matters!

The LGBT vote matters!

All our votes matter!

I'm a Democrat and I believe in the issues Democrat fight for. I respect the Republican point of view, as wrong as it is, I respect it. Your affiliation is not my concern, your participation in the process is more important.

4 November is election time do your part an VOTE! GOOD!