Samuel De Champlain's Proposal

                                                   Prepare for the Best Proposal Ever...

   Hello dear king, my name is Samuel De Champlain and I am requesting a journey to the Americas, as they call it. Your greatness is the only way for me to help France. Just imagine all the gold pouring on your feet when I return. Fund me and I promise to accomplish this. All I need are 50 men and some supplies, maybe even some poker cards. Just kidding about the cards, but I will be needing everything else I stated. I will cover your whole body ( I really don't mean to call you fat there ) with riches and all the resources our growing country could ever need. Oh dear king, you know you can trust me because I am french and I will do anything as long as you get the benefits you in the end. In this journey, you also earn plenty of land to spread our religion and out amazing food. Everyone knows you are the greatest king ever and your power can make me fly to the Americas. The only actual tools I will need are a few compasses and and some defense mechanisms ( weapons ). I would prefer a sextant and multiple compasses, but the choice is in your hand. The trip will be approximately 1 whole year. The reason I am taking 1 year is because then I will have lots of time to settle and defend off the Spanish. I can also explore more land, colonize without pressure, and obtain many more resources. I will exploring the land through a series of trips. One the first one, my trip will colonize lightly and closer to each other, for defense purposes. On the second one, my goal is to explore all the inner parts where the area gets colder. The 3rd and higher are just to colonize and spread out more. Some materials that come from your sponsoring include HEAVY clothing, tasty food, and other navigational units that were not listed before. My transportation units will include 2 medium sized ships and 1 enormous ship ( that especially looks ominous or devastating ). My colonization plan is composed of parts

1.Find a resourceful area

2.Set up defense units and guards there

3.Choose some people to set up tents.

Dear king, I hope you liked my letter and please consider this idea that could lead to the power of France. Thank You.

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