Apps for K-12 Mobile Learning

Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor in Your Pocket

What is it? Chem Pro is a free app with countless features helpful for studying and understanding various levels of chemistry. It features lecture notes and videos, practice problems, a molar mass calculator, unit converter, flashcards , and many other things.

How can it be used? This app would be extremely helpful for students in a chemistry course. It provides videos of step-by-step solutions to all kinds of chemistry problems, giving students access to however much instruction they feel they need. This would also allow for students to do problems in class and always have the resources they need to help them through any difficulties.


What is it? Physics! is a calculator app that gives final answers for specific physics situations that are typically found in problems. By inputting certain parameters, the app can calculate others. For example, by putting in numerical values for a force and a mass, the app can find an acceleration.

How can it be used? The app would make a great tool for students to check their answers as they work through problems. Furthermore, the formulas used by the app in its calculations can be displayed at any time if the student requests. In this way, it not only gives answers, but actually can help students better understand the concepts behind the problem.

MyScript Calculator

What is it? MyScript Calculator recognizes drawn numbers and operators so that students can simply write a calculation as they would on paper and it will be performed by the app.

How can it be used? The app would be a great timesaver for many students who are not good with mental math or are not comfortable or proficient with their calculators. Instead of searching all over what may be considered a complex field of small buttons with confusing labels, students may simply and quickly draw exactly what they need. It would also eliminate the problem of how to input problems into a calculator with the correct mathematical syntax, which can be a major source of error for students.


What is it? iMathematics is a great study tool for all kinds of math concepts. With countless definitions, explanations, and examples it is an easily navigable substitute for a textbook that simplifies learning and studying for students, as any concepts they don't understand can be quickly cleared up with a search. It also features sample quizzes for students to test their knowledge, graphing tools to help with visualization or analysis, and calculators specialized for certain mathematical procedures, such as a matrix multiplier and a quadratic equation solver.

How can it be used? The ways in which iMathematics could be used in the classroom are numerous. It would be a great tool for students to have while working through assignments to quickly refresh themselves on concepts they have forgotten or never fully grasped. It also would be a great way for students to check their own understanding before tests with practice quizzes. It would be very handy in speeding up certain tedious mathematical tasks as well with its built in specialized calculators.

Poll Runner

What is it? Poll Runner is an app that allows the user to create and share polls with a live audience. Participants in the poll can choose their answer via any browser (including on mobile platforms) and the creator of the poll can track the results in real time.

How can it be used? Poll Runner would be great in classrooms for quick in-class quizzes. Results of the quiz would be highly indicative of the class's understanding of the topic while helping reveal the cause of any misunderstandings, allowing it to be more easily addressed and corrected in lecture.

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