How did Tanks take play a part in World War 1?

By: Ryleigh and Jenna

One day I looked up how were tanks used in world war 1 and here are 5 facts that I found.

After a while tanks provide a place to sleep for some soilders. Next to that the thick layers of steel helps prevent bullets. They can help end trench warfare. Tanks provide shelter, but can be very cramped. Finally they can also go over rough surfaces.

Tank World War 1

How did they build trenches in World War I

One day I was researching how did the build trenches in World War 1. Here are 8 facts that I learned.

Trenches were built during the battle of marine on September 1914. Built 2-3 above sea level. At that time trenches were first used by the German soilders. There are three ways to build a trench. First they used shovels. Second they sapped the narrow trenches. They used a pick shovel too. To conclude trenches were very helpful, but can be very nasty.

Soilders building trenches.

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