Kyle Wagner S&E Marketing final

Topic 1

Evaluate a movie trailer

I would consider this trailer to be a very purposeful trailer because of the many strategy techniques they use. First off is they use clips from the movie that depict the general feel of the movie, which is humorous. From the first few seconds of the film I had the idea it was a comedy movie, and I think they did that well. Second of all they they use clips from the beginning 1/3 to 1/4 of the movie in order to not give up the end and keep the plot idea there. And finally I think they did the best job on teasing the plot and leaving the audience wanting more. When I watched it for the first time Looked over to Logan and said i want to see this, and not only because it looked good, but i wanted to see how it ended and more funny parts to come.

Topic 2
Evaluate a movie poster

Out of the three keys a good movie poster should have, a Attention Grabbing look, Give some idea of what the movie is about, and Making people want to see it, I think the poster does a excellent job on all three. For the "Attention grabber", the USA player with his stick in the air is on-its-own a great thing to catch an eye for a potential viewer. The second part of "giving some idea of what the movie is about", is done well with the poster as well because you can clearly see it is about a hockey player who plays for USA, and has the look of victory on his face with sweat dripping down. And finally, "Making people want to see the movie" is done very well because of all the sayings written on the poster and it also has referecnces of other great movies that the studio has made, so if people see that they made those other great movies, they will want to see this movie as well.

Topic 3

Top 3 marketing strategy

Out of the top 3 movie making strategies that there is, I think the one strategy that will put the biggest impact on sales and how many people will want to see it would be putting a commercial or small movie trailer on television, preferably on prime time. The second strategy i think would be most beneficial would be billboards on the side of the roads, in restaurants, and in other public places. The reason why is because so many people drive and would see the billboard on the road. And the main goal is to get people's attention and look at it. The third most important strategy is cross promotion with another company to get people to view your up-and-coming movie as much as you could. A perfect example would be if my new movie was coming out, I would team up with Subway and they would put our movie poster on their Subway bags, while we help promote them by in our commercials and on our billboards we put Subway on/in the add somewhere.

topic 4

Additional values to encourage people to stay longer/ spend more $

There are many ways and techniques people and businesses can do to get people to stay longer and spend more money. At a theme park, the with all the small things they can do to rake in the extra bucks, they need to take full advantage of the techniques out there. A major thing they can do is, if they don't have a hotel in the park, merge with a nearby hotel or resort that they can link together with to help each other make people stay longer and spend more, which go hand-in-hand. If the theme park has a deal where you buy your tickets for the family in a package, you get a discount off the room or hut in the hotel or resort. This is going to help the hotel/resort with getting more people to stay there while on the trip, and it is going to help the theme park by giving people the option to stay longer which then they spend more money.

Topic 5

Top 3 TV marketing strategies

TV shows take different types of strategies than movies. With all the TV shows in the market, it is very hard to target a broad audience. But if you could target, rather then a single group but maybe a few groups, that would be ideal for a TV show to be popular. After you make a TV show popular the strategies get easier. I think the number 1 strategy is getting the characters involved with the fans. Have interviews about the show and certain things going on. And the more famous the actor is, the more people will watch. The second most important strategy would be putting commercials of the new season, or next episode on as many channels as possible and at prime time. This will make people from different audience groups being able to see if they would maybe have an interest in the show. And the third strategy that I believe would be the most beneficial would be having a official fan page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the fans to interact with the crew. Certain things you could do on the accounts while show is playing live like tweet questions thoughts on the show. They could get the buzz about the show going before to get people to not forget to watch and encorage poeple to watch live.

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