Harvard University

Mascot: John Harvard

Campus History and Origin

In 1636 Massachusetts Bay Colony declared Harvard as a University making it the oldest institute in the United States. The University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It was named after the young minister John Harvard of Charlestown.

After passing, John Harvard was recognized by the University and given an important monument on campus. A statue of John Harvard stands today in front of University Hall in Harvard Yard and will forever be cherished.

The University has grown from nine students obtaining a master to 20,000 or more students including undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Due to their success in athletics and education Harvard University has been given the opportunity to operate for 379 years as of today.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Admission data:(2013)

- Acceptance Rate: 6%

- Test Scores: 25th / 75th Percentile

 - SAT Critical Reading: 700 / 800

  - SAT Math: 710 / 800

  - SAT Writing: 710 / 800

  - ACT Composite: 32 / 35

 - ACT English: 33 / 35

  - ACT Math: 31 / 35

  -ACT Writing: 8 / 10

Tuition and Costs

Campus Life

Harvard Housing Day

Harvard Housing Day consists of Underclassmen moving into Upperclassmen housing facilities on campus, the schools upperclassmen show their school pride by welcoming the underclassmen by hosting a parade. As time passes and evening falls the Underclassmen are invited to the home to join the Upperclassmen for dinner. Afterwards a get together is hosted and the party finally begins.

Degree Plan: Molecular and Cellular Biology

  1. Required courses:
    1. Life Sciences: Two half-courses. Life Sciences 1a (or Life and Physical Sciences A) and Life Sciences 1b.
    2. Biology: Two half-courses. MCB 60 and one additional course selected from MCB 63, MCB 64, MCB 65 (formerly MCB 56) or MCB 68.
    3. Chemistry: Two half-courses. One of these courses should be general chemistry, such as Physical Sciences 1, and the remaining course should be organic chemistry and may be chosen from Chemistry 17 or Chemistry 20. See items 3b and 3c below.
    4. Mathematics and computational skills: One or two half-courses. In addition to mathematics, statistics and computational skills are increasingly important in our discipline. According to a student’s preparation level, this requirement can be fulfilled in two ways. One path is to take Mathematics 1b and one of the following:

      • Mathematics 19a or higher
      • Statistics 102 (or 110 or 111 or an approved alternative)
      • Computer science such as CS 50 or an approved alternative

      An alternative path is to demonstrate competency beyond the Mathematics 1b level by taking:

      • Mathematics 19a or higher, or
      • An approved calculus-based statistics course (such as Statistics 110 or 111)

      Students are encouraged to discuss which path is most appropriate for their preparation level and interests with the concentration advising team. Please note that students who are able and choose to meet the mathematics/computational skills requirement using only one course may need to take one additional course to meet the minimum course requirement for the concentration.

    5. Physics: Two half-courses. One half-course in mechanics (Physical Sciences 2 or equivalent) and one half-course in electricity and magnetism (Physical Sciences 3 or equivalent).
    6. Advanced courses: Two half-courses above the introductory level, including at least one MCB 100-level course. All 100- and 200-level MCB courses and certain advanced courses in related fields may be used to fulfill this requirement.
    7. Research experience: The requirement for a research experience can be fulfilled by at least one semester of research (LS 100r, MCB 91r or MCB 99) or a summer research experience in an approved program. To fulfill the research requirement, a summer research experience ordinarily: (i) consists of at least 8 weeks of full-time research; (ii) is sponsored by a Harvard-affiliated faculty member; (iii) is broadly related to the field; and (iv) culminates in a capstone experience (substantive written report, poster or oral presentation outside of the host lab). A list of approved programs that fulfill these requirements is available from the concentration office. Students doing thesis work ordinarily enroll in two terms of MCB 99 in their final year at the College, one of which is sufficient to fulfill this requirement.

      Requirements for Honors Eligibility: 14-15 half-courses

Career: Ophthamologist

Job Description: Ophthalmologists are Physicians and Surgeons of the Eye

Duties: Diagnose and Treat any eye related issues

Annual Salary: 85,000 - 150,000


In order to become an ophthalmologist, students typically complete a bachelor's program, a 4-year Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program and a 3-year ophthalmology residency in a hospital. Ph.D. in Ophthalmology programs are frequently applied as part of dual M.D./Ph.D. programs.

School programs in ophthalmology advise students to enroll in pre-ophthalmology bachelor's degree programs. These programs are usually rigorous and prepare students to take the Optometry College Admission Test.

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Persuasive Essay

One is always told that in order to succeed you must strive above everyone else and exceed all expectations. As of today my hard work has exceeded my expectations and as I continue working hard my dreams begin revealing themselves more and more. Harvard has always been the university of my choice. After seeing all my cousins growing up and going off to college it motivated me to look into it. As a eight year old I began searching up different Universities and came across Harvard which was at the top of the list. As years past it became clear to me that my dream was going to be harder than I thought. It was going to take infinite hard work and undeniable dedication .

Everything I did from that day forward was to only better my future and each decision was made considering Harvard. That same year, I began to take my Gifted and Talented program seriously and it ended off paying off considering i learned many new concepts. As the future began to flourish, i soon joined an after school activity known as destination imagination. Destination Imagination taught me more than creativity, in addition it taught me how to care for my community. That whole year we managed to serve our community by hosting a fundraising walk, canned food drive, and donating to the Ronald Mc Donald Home and Hospice. The experience was more than words can explain. It was truly more than helping our community, it was about connecting with deserving individuals who taught me how to make the most out of a tough situation.

From my experience with these individuals it motivated me to chase all my dreams in memory of all those dreams that never quite made it. As you go through life you must face many obstacles but with the help of your motivative source it might be possible. Today my life is at the point where it should be, after trying so hard to satisfy it would be an honor to be greatly satisfied myself. Getting accepted into the University of Harvard would be the climax to my accomplishments. As I plan to continue my journey my infamous goal will forever be The University of Harvard and in my opinion no matter the outcome it is an honor to be in its presence.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been an honor to have crossed paths with Iliana Garcia and continue to write this letter of recommendation to see her achieve in her years of college at Harvard University. Ms.Garcia is a young lady that portrays the passion in education, focusing on her goals and responsibilities in the biology field. Carrying herself with confidence, dedication, strength and maintaining a behavior of appropriateness she has become a role model for many children and young adults her age.

Iliana Garcia has been one to know what she wants in life. Not only does she guide herself but continues to help and guide others. Iliana is one to hold a personality full of optimism and leadership which are qualities which have defined who she is today. Knowing that there is a point in life that failure will become inevitable that has become a motivation to herself to always strive for better. Knowing the potential that everyone holds it is her goal to portray every aspect of determination she has to this world. It all seems so easy to Iliana as her work ethic is natural. Having Iliana Garcia in the classrooms of Harvard is what will continue to advance and distinguish this university from every other. I have seen her mind work with both knowledge and imagination viewing the world with eyes of reality and change. Knowing the opportunity and possibilities that she holds within herself. Iliana Garcia is not afraid to make history with an open mind and nothing but good intentions.

Going through difficulties through life it has never stopped her. Iliana Garcia is prepared and ready to bring all that she offers to the table. If you have any questions please contact me at karinaaaaaa0@gmail.com or (915)256-4158.

Best regards,

Karina Carbajal

Cover Letter

Iliana Garcia

Nance Eye Care Center

11365 Montwood Dr.

May 19, 2015


I am applying for the position in Ophthalmology in response to the opening as a surgeon and physician.

Currently I am attending the University of Harvard and pursuing for my Doctorate in Biology. So far my journey here in the biology field of study has helped extend my knowledge on the human body and further my experience. In addition I continue to explore my main area of interest which just so happens to deal with the function of the eyes. Throughout my stay i have experienced all kinds of team building and leadership skills which as a result will better my interaction with colleagues. These experiences brought forth different challenges but a sa result it improved my future perspective.

The field of Ophthalmology is greatly focused on optical surgery and check-ups therefore it would fit my needs. I believe I am the right match for this position as I bring forward to the table many positive traits. Not only will it be considered one of my greatest accomplishments, it will also further my knowledge and impact to this certain field.

Thank you for the well given opportunity and it will forever receive an infinite level of appreciation. 


Iliana Garcia

1111 Success Dr.

(915) -123-4567


Iliana Garcia

[1234 Harvard Dr.] [El Paso][City], [Texas] [79911]
Phone: (915) 123 4567 E-Mail: Ilianananagarcia@gmail.com


Obtaining a position as a physician and surgeon in Ophthalmology that will extend my knowledge and levels of success.

Employment History

§ Internship at Sierra Providence 2016- 2017Interacted with Patients Assisted Nurses and Doctors with certain Tasks Arranged meetings and Check-ups Took phone calls and responded to requests

  • Volunteered for the Ronald Mc Donald Home 2014-2015 Interacted with Patients Encouraged the Facility and its Patients
  • Volunteered for Hospice 2014-2015 Donated Canned Goods to Patients Interacted with the Patients and listened to stories concerning their Life and Health


Harvard University May 2026

Doctorate of Biology


-Strong organizational and coordination skills

-Exceptional with Microsoft Programs

-Bilingual-Fluent in Spanish

-Excess amount of Patience

-Sense of reliability


M.D. program

1-year internship

Residency program of at least 36 months


Katherine Gutierrez Volunteer Coordinator 915-272-4845

Violeta Radenovich Opthamologist (915) 577-9339

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