Friendship if you do it right is easy and carefree always a fun time and never a dull moment.

Small town Mount Vernon has given me the 3 best friends;

-Bekah who has always been there since fourth grade From all 6 years of cheering together to the soon to be memories in college

-Makayla has been my rock for the past two years, Every memory has an even better story when I am with her.

-Jacey is the constant. I can’t imagine fighting with her because we get along so well Trips to Pairs and Oklahoma are the best memories because she was right by my side

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve been friends with the longest. Its about who was always there and never left. with these three by my side I know I can conquer just about anything.

I am truly blessed with the people who have been in my life and been through just about everything. Being young I see that we are “wanna be rebels that didn’t have a clue” and with these girls I wouldn’t want to be anything else.

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