European Explorers

Garrett Cox


I am a European explorer from the great country of England.  I am also looking to fund my expedition from England. The leader of the England during the year I want to leave, which is 1680, is King Charles II.  


My goal is to find a ton a coal and fuel to support you and most of the people in England.


I might also find gold and silver for you and others. After all you and the country are looking for gold.  


When I look for coal and fuel I am going to go far west in North America because no a lot of people or explorers have been there yet which means it has not been warn down and mined out. That also means I would be away from the other countries that are going to North America like France and Spain. Which follows up to, if they also want gold they will not be able to get it because they are in the eastern part of North America.


If I were to run into American Indian tribes and other countries I will make them work for me and if they do not I will kill them.

I expect to run into different climate changes and different elevation changes in the ground. I will try to overcome these obstacles by always  bringing a portable shelter with me such as a tee-pee. I will overcome

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This is Cameron this is way better than mine