Career Roadmap - The short and long of it

May 14: Effective Communication and Women

May 16: EdCampPhilly - Attended SAMR and App Smashing, Foreign Languages in the 21st Century, Implementing a 1:1 Program. Networked and will become a member of EdCamp.

June 8-19: Intro to Public Speaking on Coursera. Practice with husband, principal and colleague.

June 22-26: Jesuit School Network. Work on creating an evaluation tool for faculty.

June 28 - July 1: ISTE. Still deciding on sessions/workshops to attend.

July 6-24: Read How People Learn. Take notes. Write summary to deliver at first faculty meeting.

July 6-24: Read Motivational Interviewing. Take notes. Meet with colleague to discuss. Write summary for administration.

November 5-8: AASL. Depends on staffing.

Spring 2016: Begin Post Master's Certificate in Digital Libraries at Drexel.

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