The magic door have many take me three to wondrous places. The first one would be on top of a magical cloud that you couldn’t fall through, so you could just relax and be mellow and peaceful so when you're tired you can go into the chamber and open the door of mellow and be mellow.But if you want to be mellow and have fun then you can jump two times on the spot. Everything is bouncy so that’s the bounce mellow domain.

The second domain is a fun land domain which will take you to any funland where there's roller coasters and massive and I mean massive massive, there also will be a big pillow fight in the same place and a marshmallow pit where you pick a gun either a gun that fires fast and the other marshmallow gun would fire powerful but not as many shot’s, so that’s the second door.

The third door is anything you can imagine say if you imagine an invasion by aliens and you were the only hope to save the human race it will happen because you can imagine it and if you can imagine anything can happen like pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.So those are my magic doors what is yours?


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