Sherman's March to Sea

"The most ignorant march there every was."

I am against Sherman's March to Sea.  I believe that i was very cruel of him to burn & destroy anything that was in his path.  Yes, he was against the Confederacy but that does not mean you can destroy everything that keeps them alive.  What would have happened if numerous of people would have died from not having the resources they needed? There would not have been any nation because the whole South would have been deceased.  Honestly, I do not think Sherman accomplished anything with his march.  Basically all he did was capture Savannah & Atlanta.  His total warfare was very immature & foolish.  Sherman could have done as simple as North Virginia did in the Battle of Gettysburg.  North Virginia invaded the North but they did not destroy everything that were in their path.  They had enough respect not to do that & I do not understand why Sherman didn't.  Sherman was a very cruel man.

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