Grace Fischbach-BGSU CRU Staff
Gracefully Simple-September 2014

Dear Friends,

It is September, and with September comes Man Maker and Women’s Weekend! (Sorry, the graphic above says October, but this year it is in September. That is an old graphic) Man Maker and Women’s Weekend are men’s and women’s retreats designed to help the students and staff connect with each other as well as connect with the Lord on a deeper level.

Women’s weekend is personally one of my favorite weekends of the year. (Sorry, I cannot comment much on Man Maker, but I have heard great things about it, too.) What could be better than people, bonfires, worship, learning about Jesus and relay games?

I spoke with a junior named Heather who is now attending her third women’s weekend. I asked her what she liked about the weekend and she replied with this, “I love the connections and friendships that are created over the course of the weekend. I also enjoy the relay games where you feel like you don’t know anyone, but by the end it is like you have been friends for a long time. Finally, you really get to know the staff and connect with them on a deeper level.”

Please pray the Gospel is shared well and heard clearly this weekend at both Man Maker and Women’s Weekend

Thank you for your continued prayer and support!

Much Love and God Bless,

Grace Fischbach

Prayer Requests

-- For the staff of BGSU Cru. That they would be approachable and vulnerable during Man Maker and Women’s Weekend. That they would make great connections with each other and with the students.

-- For the students attending the retreats. That they would also be vulnerable with each other and connect with the Lord on a deeper level as well.

-- For the Gospel of Christ to go forward into the eager hearts of students attending.

If you have any prayer requests please send them my way at