Lord of the Flies
Blog 2

After reading more of The lord Of The Flies I've found that Mr Goulding shows that While wars win for parliament , doesn’t win for people. He has set the story out like a war the kids are the army and they are all fearing the beast.

e.g They get hungry and have to kill a pig

And they also become savage and kill one of the kids 'piggy'

A quote to show this is …………….

Mr Goulding shows that after few days in civilisation you can turn savage an kill others

'They were savages it was true; but they were human, and the ambushing fears of the deep night were coming on. ' “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!”

William wrote this book in WW11 and was a navy officer which is who saved the boys in the story. The idea of making a beast was a symbol to show the savage impulses within every human being . As jack and his tribes become savages they being to believe the beast is real and give the boys a fear, that gives jack the leader power and makes the tribe violent. The way that the boy's interact is similar to an army corps. The most fit, Ralph, is in charge while the weak, like Piggy, are left behind.

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