Women Chemical Equipment Operators

      A non-traditional career for women is if they are chemical equipment operators. The wages for Chemical Equipment Operators is $23.27 an hour. Even thought this career is in low demand currently. The growth rate is -4.8%, which means that it is shrinking. A high school diploma is necessary to work in this career field. The typical work tasks are adhere to safety procedures, adjust production equipment/machinery setup, use  of chemical processing emergency procedures. and communicate technical information. Some job title examples are Chemical Processor, Production Technician, and Chemical Operator.

       They want to do this career either because it is something they enjoy doing or it has good pay. The only down side in my eyes is that there is a less demand, so therefore, if I went to apply for this job, it would be hard to find jobs because there is so little demand for it.

Men Teacher Assistants (TA)

     Do you wonder why you find more women teachers than male teachers? Well, that is because, for men, that is a non traditional job. It is more common for women because most people consider women to be better with kids/teenagers. The wage for men teacher assistants is 28, 490 per year, which is below state-wide median. The rate or demand has grown 3.8%, which is very good compared to the -4.8% above in the women chemical equipment operators. It is still below the statewide average, though. A high school diploma or an equivalent is required to be able to work in this field of work. Some typical work tasks are use of classroom management techniques, use of interpersonal communication techniques, use of oral or written communication techniques, and use  of special education techniques. Some job title examples are Instructional Assistant, Paraprofessional, and Teacher Assistant.

     Again, they want to do this career either because it is something they enjoy doing or it is something that just helps pay the bills. The downside is the less demand and low payment per year. There would be less jobs then you would expect because of the less demand.