Extra Credit Opportunity

What is the opportunity?

We are studying diversity in the classroom. Rather than study this as adults, I want you to consider how you would bring the topic of diversity into the classroom. I will bring some children's literature to the classroom for you to read and consider. You should explore the links in the Collection Eleven on Pearltrees too. This will help you gain a foundation upon which you can build your extra credit project. You will need to work in a group of no less than three and no more than four students on this project.

Each student should be in charge of one area of the extra credit project. I will give you five possible components to select from to build your project. Each of you should be in charge of one of these components, but you need to collaborate, brainstorm, and help each other proofread as a group. This will not be a strong project if you fail to collaborate, and your points will reflect that. You will earn your points as a group, unless when you evaluate the group members I see a group member consistently rated as not contributing as fully to the project as expected.

Component One

Poetry can be included as one component of the project. The poetry should be linked to a piece of quality children's literature and to some content on Pearltrees. The poetry project should be one the student can teach to the class. Make sure you can provide the materials necessary for the other students to complete the project.

We have some materials available in the closet.

Component Two

Art can be included as a component of the project. Make sure you understand the difference between art and a craft project. The art project must be based on some information from the Collection Eleven on Pearltrees. You may choose to integrate other items such as children's literature, videos, etc., but the foundation must be in Collection Eleven on Pearltrees.

We have some materials available in the closet.

Component Three

An e-book can be created. The e-book can be representative of the diversity in the classroom to assist your classmates in better understanding ways they can improve the success of their diverse students. In other words, how can teachers capitalize on the diverse resources learners represent? What do teachers need to do to address their own beliefs, values, biases, fears, etc.? How can teachers meet the needs of diverse learners? These are just some examples.

You can use our iPads to create e-books.

Component Four

Create a video on Animoto that will help others understand why learners today need to become global citizens who embrace diversity and how their teachers can assist them. I have a code that will permit you to create a video for free. Let me know if you need the code. Explore some of the student produced videos on YouTube to see what others have created. Explore the Animoto site to see what others have created to get some ideas.

Component Five

Share two make-it book ideas teachers could use with learners. What kind of fun-to-make books do you want to make with children? What diversity related topics could be written about? Select two ideas you can do with the class. Make sure you can have enough of the necessary materials to do it with everyone. There are some book ideas on Pearltrees in a different collection called Bookmaking. It is public, so you should be able to locate it, if you search.

This is a 100 point opportunity, but it needs to be well developed. Ask for help, read, research, rethink, proofread, collaborate, and produce your best results on time.

We will work on this Monday and Wednesday. Then we will discuss how near you are to completion and set the due date.

Objective: The students will demonstrate knowledge of:

     the types of diversity represented in classrooms in America,

    the need for global citizenship of our teachers and learners,

    how diversity impacts teaching and learning, and

    celebrate the resources such diversity brings to the classroom through three to four of the five components per the schedule set at the end of week eleven.