Leah, Noah, Re'Twan p.3

Sentry:While coming to talk to you my King, A little voice inside my head kept saying "tell him and die and if I don't tell him I'll live with the gift."

Creon:Get to the point fam and tell tell me what you have to say.

Sentry: I didn't do it you have to believe me. Don't blame me for something that I would never do.

Creon: Just tell me what happened fam. You haven't gotten to the point yet!

Sentry: It's pretty bad, yo I don't know how to tell you.

Creon: SAY IT!

Sentry: Someone buried the body out there, they sprinkled dust on it.

Creon: And who did it ?!

Sentry: I don't know! You have to believe me! There were no trace of who did it. The corporal pointed it out. The burial was just enough so the soul can rest. Everyone swore it was not! We rolled the dice to see who would bring you the news.

Choragos: I've been thinking king, could it have been the gods that done this?

Creon: for real fam? "The gods?" You must be out of my your mind! Do you really think the god loves to honor bad men fam? Are you serious money makes the world go round. Without money world won't spin. We will catch him and he will pay a huge price fam.

Sentry: let me speak fam.

Creon: shut up your voice is annoying.

Sentry: you sure it's not your conscience?

Creon: By God he wants to analyze me now.

Sentry: what I say doesn't hurt you but what I do does?

Creon: fam shut up. You run your mouth too much.

Sentry: yeah but you don't get the point.

Creon: give up you haven't done anything

Sentry: it's sad when the person with power is wrong, but that's none of my business.

Creon: your words may be funny now, but until you bring me the man you ain't getting nothing.

*creon leaves*

Sentry: "bring me the man" boy i do what I want now. Whatever my part is done deuces homie

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