Reid W


I was born in Missoula on February First 2001. I lived in a old farm house for 2 years then I moved to Spokane. I live in turtle creek and I have been living here since February of 2004. #kettner #tech22

I care about music and sports. video games, sports and music all make me happy in life. Right now I am in eight grade having fun  playing two instruments and playing  video games, it makes me made when  people can't respect other people's opinions. My favorite sport is soccer and I am proud that I can be funny and nice sometimes.

I have a bass gutiar and acoustic gutiar at home. My brother and I also share a Xbox and a drum set at home. My dad owns a 1968 Impala.

I also play the acoustic gutiar.

I want to be a chemist when i grow up.

my second favorite sport is basketball.

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