Happy Birthday Jacob

Dear Jacob,

You came into my life during a time that I was not expecting. You have shown me the true meaning of love and adoration. You have given so much to me and yet, have no clue how lost I would be without you. I will love you eternally and adore you forever. I will be your rock when you need, your shoulder when you need, your voice of reason when you need, your confidant when you need, but most of all, I will be your mom whenever you need. No mater how old you are, you are and will forever be my miracle baby. Don't EVER forget how special you are and how much you have to offer this world. You will and have done great things and I am blessed to have been there for every second. Don't ever give up! I love you Jacob!


<3 Mom

Help Get Jacob An iPad for his Birthday!

Help Jacob win an iPad but in order for him to get credit you have to put my name, Holley Jacobs in the correct spot; otherwise they have no way of crediting him with the paid product that goes towards the 60 pieces. Thank you for your time and attention!


~Holley Jacobs

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3 years ago

😘 I will always be here for you, Jacob