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Entry 1:  Dear journal,

I am from Chicago, Illinois and am 32 years old.  My family is in a bad situation with money and i need to make money for them.  I was  a mailman and didn't make that much money, I just lost my job and so now i do not get paid at all.  I fight for the union because i was born in the north and am COMPLETELY against slavery.  I am a general in the war because i like to take charge and be the boss of people.  I have a wife named Martha a little girl named Susan who is 8 and a little boy named Kevin who is 4.


David Johnson

Entry 2: Bryce: The union has just one a battle and are very played out, but are still celebrating back at camp

Grace: BULLY!

Anish: Be quiet or I will shove this Arkansas toothpick into you!

Jorge: My possums! You all look ugly! (Falls over in chair)

Grace: Wow you look tight Jorge, why?

Anish: He must have drank a lot of tar water

Anish: If he doesn't calm down i’ll have to load some hornets in my pepper box and shoot him, or put him in the jailbird

Grace: I’m so played out. I think I’m gonna hit the hay.

Anish: You better skedaddle before captain come back

Anish: Hunkey Dorey, I get to arrest someone!

Entry 3: Dear parents,

My camp is located in a forest in Ohio.  I live in a tent with one other man and all of the tents are in a line.  there are rows and rows of tents and many people in my camp.  We get more and more recruits every day and camp is starting to get very packed.  Today i saw a man that had to walk around in a barrel and basically waddle all day around camp.Another man had to walk around the camp with a sign strapped around him just for his own embarrassment.  


David Johnson

Entry 4:

Interview question 1:
I decided to go into the war and not help my mom because i knew there were still people that could take care of her.  I knew that i would be more help to the south if i went and joined the war. i knew i could do a lot more if i am in the war because i have a lot of talents that could be shown.  

Interview question 2:

I am proud of going into the war because i helped the south fight a lot.  i knew if i helped that i would be appreciated by my friends and family.  Also by the other people around me.  

Interview question 3:

I sometimes regret about leaving my mom because she was sick when in went into war.  She could have gotten a lot worse and i could have never seen her again.  That would have been very bad and i would have never forgave my self.

Interview question 4:

Why did you lie about your age in the war?

I lied because i needed to serve with my brother and didn't want him to serve alone.  Also i have many skills that i could show in the war that i didn't have to go to waist.  Finally i could go home after i already told my mother that i was going to go into war and come back at the end of it.  

Entry 5: In my free time i liked to play cards.  Also i like to gamble with friends to get extra money if i can.  I love to go to listen to bands because it is a good way to  spend your free time and it relaxes me.  my favorite food even though they all are horrible is the biscute because once you get the bugs out it isnt that bad.

Entry 6: Today one of my best friends get a bullet taken out of his leg.  the doctor just used his hands to pull a bullet of his leg.  His leg after a while started to get infected and he was getting really sick.  Also he got diarrhea after a while and had to go to the bathroom all the time.  I cant believe the doctor used his hands instead of what he was supposed to use to get the bullet out.

COLOR: this is a flag of the country i fight for.

MORNING: when i wake up in the morning i see the sun rising over the clouds. it is a very beautiful sight to wake up too.   

FUN: When i am board and want to have fun i play cards with other soldiers. It is a good way to have a little fun and also make a little money.  

8. Dear journal,  

Entry 7: My enlistment is now over and I am not going to reenlist.  I am on my way home now and I am very beat up.  At camp I didn't get a lot of food so I am very skinny and hungry.  When I got home my own kids barely recognized me because I was so hurt.  I had to explain to them who I am and then they came to me.  My wife got a job at a factory and gets paid below the average man got paid.  I now have my job back as a mailman and my family is in a go place.

Entry 8:

life as a soldier ain't no fun

all you do is shoot your gun

running and running for your life

you will be scarred for life

blood everywhere,bleeding everywhere

running with no idea where you are

running running really far

I shot my gun

I miss

I get shot

I fall

I cry

i die

HOME:This is what my house looked like when i got home from the war.  

This is one of the cannons that I see in battle.

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