The biggest, fastest, strongest....

If you want to learn about "record breakers"  where should you look?"

If you said,  
"The Guiness book of  Records", you are right.

So, where did the Guinness Book of Records,
get it's name?

Read the text below and answer the questions.

Remember the dog in the picture at the top of the page, what's his name?

Open an WORD Document and answer the questions below.

Now, lets see what information you can find.

1. What is the longest river in the world?

                    a.  the Amazon          b.  the Mississippi              c.  the Nile

2.  What is the highest mountain in the world?

               a.  Mont Everest             b.  Mont Blanc         c.  Mount Kilimanjaro

3. What is the largest continent in the world?

                                 a.   Africa          b.    Asia            c.     America

4. What is the fastest animal in the world?

                       a.    the ostrich                b.   the cheetah        c.  the tiger

Watch this video to find out.

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