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Arkadelphia   High School    PLCs

Schoolwide PLCs Meet on Thursday in Room 716

Last year's 6th period PLC members are "thinking hard" about the ACSIP plan in this picture.  As a result of the work of our PLC's, this year's ACSIP plan is better than ever!  So....thank you very much for your help.

On Thursday, September 4, the PLC's will meet with Carla, Cheryl and Judee in Room 716 for a data review with regard to remediation, interventions, and AIPs.  In order to provide the appropriate support for our students, we need help from you with regard to content for their remediation.  Different groups will work on different aspects of this need because we all have different things to contribute.  It's our school, and all of us can help!

Go  Badgers!