What does being "cool" mean?

What do you think being "cool" means?

The real definition of "cool" is fashionable attractive, or impressive.  And having calmness and composure.  In modern times now I don't think people really understand this anymore.  If you ask most teenagers today what they think is "cool" and who is labelled as "cool" they will most likely say the most popular person or maybe the best on a sports team.  The reason for this may be how young culture has changed over the years.  This can be tested by asking an available grandparent or older person to write down what they think is cool while you do the same.  You will see that the answers are very different.

“When I set out to find what people mean by coolness, I wanted to find corroboration of what I thought coolness was," Ilan Dar-Nimrod

Dar-Nimrod led a group of behavioral scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  He also has a Ph. D.D and wrote the book "Coolness."  He and his associates lead a research project where they gathered 1,000 Vancouver citizens and had them answer extensive questions regarding what it means to be cool.  A large amount of them said positive adjectives, trendy, competent, attractive, etc.

"A measured violation of an illegitimate norm," Merrian-Webster Dictionary

In the video Derek Thompson says, "The definition of cool is different for everyone."  This is very true because in different countries and continents the media and culture is very different.  What is cool in America could be illegal in a European country and vice versa.  The video also states the full definition of the word "cool" which is, "A measured violation of an illegitimate norm."  Basically meaning different, or a some what rebellious against rules and culture some find ridiculous.  This definition had replaced many definitions that a lot called false, this definition is accepted because it almost lets you decide what it means.  It works like this because you can "fill in the blank" with what is being violated and who is doing it so that it can be decided by whoever is labeling a person or group.

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