UTA Reflection

Makayla Garrett

My first thoughts when I arrived on the campus this morning, was where were going because I have only seen like two buildings of UTA before and I didn't know they had more so I was like wow! The part of the day that I enjoyed the most was the science show because it was really cool and entertaining, and the best part was when the soap was on the teachers hands and the fire took it off. Even thought I didn't like that we had to sit the whole time the science part was the best. The part of the day I didn't enjoy was that when we had to wait for the other schools to come and when we had to sit almost the whole time because we were really close and crowded together. My suggestions for next years tour was that we could be active more and not sitting a lot. I would maybe consider applying for UTA because it is a good school and its close to home but I don't know like if the major I am  looking for is there for what I want to be when I grow up.   


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