Some history and the place that identifies us...

The name 'Thompson', which is my surname and it comes from my father side family, originates from the North of England and Scotland also, and it is derived from the Welsh name 'Thomas'. “Thompson” means “Tom´s son”, and is believed to exist since the 13th century, more or less. On the other side, Depanis, the surname of my mother side, seems to be an Italian surname, but it actually comes from the world “dephanopolis”, which means that it’s a Greek one. Unfortunately, there is no much information about it.

"Regina Margherita" the ship where my great great grandfather, Carlos, came from England to Argentina in the late 19th century.
Although this is one of the famous shield of "Thompson" families, there exist two more very similar that are commonly used too.

In this picture, I am with the two grandparents I could met: Pocho, my mother´s dad,  and Loli, my father´s mom. They have been very important to me and my parents in my childhood because they took care of me and gave me so much love I will never forget.

In this photo, I am with my great grandmother, Camila. She is very special to my family because she united us and I was named after her.

In this picture, I am in my family house in Mar del Plata, which we appreciate very much because it has been passed from generation to generation since 1954, until 2009 when it was sold. This place brings me the most beautiful memories of summer, shared with family and friends.

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