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Capital: Brasilia

Major Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French.

Location: Eastern South America, Boarding the Atlantic Ocean.

Population: 158,739,757

Life Expectancy:

Total population- 62.25 yrs

Male- 57.41 yrs

Female- 67.32 yrs


Major Cities: San Paulo, and  Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia

Major bodies of water: Cabeledo, Paraiba, Blue Lake Cave, Grumari Beach


Average Temperature:Mostly Tropical

Effect: The tropical weather attracts tourist, which help local shops.


Popular music:  Samba, Pagode, Brazillian rock.

Popular Food: Brazillian Fast food, deep fried pastry


. Brazil's official name is Federal Republic if Brazil

. The word Brazil means "red like an ember"

. Brazil has 4,655 miles of coast line.

. The Portuguese officially named what we now know as Brazil Terra do Santa Cruz.

. Brazil is the fifth largest country by landmass in the world with 5.35 million square miles (8.45 million square km)

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