Casio Protrek Triple Sensor PRG-510T-7V Men's Watch

PRO TREK is a trusted name among outdoor adventurers worldwide but this time, they also targeted the precision-seeker and the minutes and seconds hands have been given special importance to be on the demarcation lines exactly when the hours strike. It’s best understood at 12’0 clock; they snap into perfect alignments everytime.That kind of explains how the rest of the build should be and it doesn’t require to be a rocket scientist to imagine that. The series is an ever-evolving one and this easy-to-read, ana-digi combination model wins big on several points against its contenders! This cut-down version (i.e. without the Atomic Timekeeping of the PRW-5100) appears identical, without any sort of downgrade in its build quality. Cutting out one feature is not cutting down on style or quality. At least, with Casio!

Its Neo-Bright lume is one major winning point beyond any doubt! It’s near-Tritium in its performance and while it can’t save you from burning gallons of midnight oil, it can definitely save you the trouble of switching on the light when you want to check the time when it’s nearing dawn. Light here means – the LED backlight with afterglow feature.

The 5 alarms the Casio Protrek brings might seem bit of a too-much at first, but the way it fits into daily life is incredible! Especially those with time-bound, pen-and-paper jobs. Comes very helpful when deadlines are to be met; you can set the progression of time hour by hour and find out how much time you got left. But there’s no snooze, which is a brilliant example of a little bit of less is good. Either you leave it ringing (which you are definitely not going to do unless your arms are tied; you are in a coma, or heavily drugged) or stop it from ringing. There’s no middle-way.

The analog hands, apart from the time, shows direction (20 seconds continuous measurement) while the screen displays altitude differential and barometric pressure, including changes. All in all, a simple face design that makes for an easy reading of the data, including the perpetual calendar.

This watch is okay with swimming and water sports, including skin diving till 100m. But it’s wise to stay away from shampoo and similar other corrosive, chemical products; they compromise the seals and might render your watch useless. About wearing comfort, the Casio Trek has arrangements to soften the contact points where they touch the skin. This makes possible wearing it even face down; however, it’s not a good idea unless where you stay gets plenty of bright, Sun-time. But then again, with its super-fast charging capabiities, this might not pose a problem to the person spending most of his time under an open sky.