A Dream Gone Wrong

Kaelie Aldridge  April 16, 2014

A dream gone wrong
the realization unreal
the feeling of shock
dwells in my system
still there

All my family sits mournfully
perched upon my beige couch
in despair
to their hearts content

Can this all be real
I ask as I interrogate myself
instead of responding to my question
my eyes surrender
my tears tumble down my cheeks

My heart disintegrates
with sorrow and gloom
a feeling unwelcome
yet so fresh
so new
I never anticipated
something like this could happen
to you

From now on all we possess
is your picture on the wall
memories of your existence
and tears we will cry when we grieve
I don't understand why
this happened to you

No more late night chats
no more watching baseball by your side
No one
to help me with algebra
no one in which I can confide

I know I have to be strong
I try intensively to act
as if nothing is wrong
it developed so suddenly
then you had to part
but you will always be in my heart

The man who taught me everything
I need to know
why did this happen
why did you go
maybe this is just a dream
gone terribly wrong

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